Printable W-4 Form for Employees Free

You must file a new IRS form W-4 when you are starting a new job or after there are changes to your marital status, have a child, or after picking up a second job. Since all of these will change how much you will pay on your income tax, a new W-4 form will be a fresh start to determine how much needs to be withheld from your paycheck.

Your employer will determine the amount and pay it to the IRS so you won’t have to face a huge income tax bill when the tax season arrives.

Calculating your allowances

The W-4 form has a Personal Allowances Worksheet so you can determine how many allowances you should claim. Entering the correct information on the form will give a great idea to your employer how much to withhold from your paycheck. Claim one allowance in a situation where nobody claims you as a dependent.

You can also claim another allowance if you’re single and have only one job or if you’re married but your spouse doesn’t work or if your wages from a second job or spouse’s job bring $1,500 or less to the table.

Get IRS Form W-4 for Free

For some reason, many people think that getting ahold of these forms is going to cost them money but this is far from the truth. The IRS offers every document that is related to your tax situation for free on This includes the forms that are related to your work, in this case, the w-4 form.

You can download and print the W-4 form for free from the link above. It is recommended to print the form from your browser instead of keeping it on your computer as revisions happen to the form every once in a while and when you file, it needs to be up to date.

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