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When you hire someone new, W-4 Form is one of the many papers that your new employee must complete. The IRS Form W-4 makes sure that the employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. How the employee completes is entirely depends on how much you will withhold from their paychecks to the Internal Revenue Service along with their Full Name and SSN (Social Security Number).

The withholding will count toward paying their annual income tax bill when it’s time to file their tax return in April. This is the reason why W-4 Form asks more detailed questions than any other Form a new employee is subjected to. Since this form needs to be filed in the workplace, for the most part, you will need a printed copy of it.

When Employees File a New W-4 Form

In most cases, you don’t have to give your employees a new W-4 Form to file once you determine how much you’re going to withhold. Once the employee’s annual income changes, you can give them a new W-4 Form to submit.

Also, if your employees get married, divorced, have a child or pick up a second job, you are obligated to give them a new W-4 Form to file. As these are all tax-related subjects that can have an effect on the employee’s tax situation, you must oblige.

Click here to download and print a blank copy of the W-4 Form.

You can print W-4 directly from your browser by clicking the print button at the top right of the page.

We strongly recommend staying away from any imposter websites that are claiming to give you a copy of the W-4 Form or any other IRS Form for that matter as they are all offered without a charge from the IRS website.

The employees need to fill out the bottom of the first page and separate it from the rest so that you can keep the worksheets for your records.

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