IRS W-4 Form 2020 Printable Spanish

The Internal Revenue Service offers many free services for Spanish speaking citizens and immigrants. Since the IRS has lots of employees that speak Spanish, certain documents can be prepared with the Spanish versions of them.

Form W-4 for Employee’s Withholding Allowance and Certificate is one of them which can be filed by the employee in the Spanish version, therefore the employer would know exactly how much they are going to withhold taxes from their employees and forward it to the IRS.

However, keep in mind that the Treasury Department and the IRS is currently in the works of a new Form W-4 and it hasn’t been released yet. But the current Form W-4 which was made viable last year can still be used and if you ever want to make changes to your current withholdings, you must submit to your employer the new Form W-4.

Where can I get Spanish Form W-4?

As mentioned above, the Internal Revenue Service offers every document that any taxpayer needs on their website for free but finding the right form can be challenging, especially the Spanish IRS forms.

If you have any further questions regarding Form W-4 or need help completing it, visit our front page to see our selection of articles where we guide through you on how many allowances you should claim to make the best out of your withholdings.

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