IRS Employee Documents

There are a series of forms that are used by employees regarding tax. While some of these forms are used by individuals, some are for business owners themselves. The most common IRS form is undoubtedly the Employee’s Withholding Certificate, the W-4 which allows employees to let their employers know how much tax should be withheld from their paychecks.

As our blog focuses on Form W-4, you can learn more about it from our homepage. The rest of the IRS documents that employees may have to get their hands on eventually are also can be found below.

IRS Tax Forms for Employees

Other than W-4, there are a few tax forms that employees can use. The most common one being Form I-9 which isn’t technically an IRS form but it must be completed by every newly hired individual. Since this is not an IRS form, we’ll cut it short.

The I-9 verifies the employee’s identity and their authorization to work in the United States. The form was first introduced in 1986 after the Immigration Reform and Control Act. Newly hired individuals must complete Form I-9 within three days of their hire.

Form W-2 and W-9

Form W-2 is a piece of document that employers complete, then hand it over to employees. The document then used by employees to file their tax returns. When you fill out a Form 1040, you must also attach W-2 on it. What the form does is it reports the wage, salary or any other compensation for that matter paid to employees and taxes withheld. This information going to be enough for an employee to file their tax returns.

Form W-9, on the other hand, isn’t directly related to employees. However, if you work as a freelancer, you’ll have to complete it often. The form will include your correct ITIN so that the companies hire you can file their 1099-MISC properly. As it is crucial for companies to have your W-9, we recommend filling out multiple copies of Form W-9 and giving it to the entities that will request one from you eventually.

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