CT W-4 Form 2020 Printable

The federal law allows every employee to withhold a portion of their income from their pay. That’s the whole purpose of the W-4 Form you complete at the start of each year. Although it is mostly done at the beginning of the year, you can submit a new W-4 Form if you want to change the number of allowances you claim on your W-4.

So in practice, if you want to receive a big tax refund, you can claim zero allowances or if you want to keep the cash flow from your income and put it in a savings account, claiming multiple allowances can be helpful as well. But this would mean that you will pay all of your income tax all at once, cash.

Connecticut W-4 Form

Since the W-4 Form is not related to your state income tax, whether you live in Connecticut or any other state for that matter, the W-4 Form will remain the same and you will have to complete it.

For the year 2020, a new W-4 Form will be released by the Treasury Department and the IRS. The current version of W-4 can still be used as of December 2019. However, once the new version is available, employees must complete the new form and submit it to their employers.

To get W-4 Form, you can call and submit a blank copy of the W-4 Form from the IRS, or you can simply visit the online page from here and print.

  • Bridgeport IRS Phone Number: +1 203-492-8609
  • New Haven IRS Phone Number: +1 203-384-5818
  • Hartford IRS Phone Number: +1 860-594-9200
  • Danbury IRS Phone Number: +1 203-840-4195
  • Waterbury IRS Phone Number: +1 203-596-4727
  • Norwalk IRS Phone Number: +1 203-840-4195

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